“Giving money to public education is the best possible deal for a philanthropist. It’s the most highly leveraged investment you can make, creating extraordinary opportunities for our students, our communities, and our society.”

John Seybold, parent, Roaring Fork Youth Orchestra Board Chair

Aspen Education Foundation has a tremendous impact on public school programs – programs that are not funded by the State of Colorado. How do we do this? Only through the support of our parents, local businesses, advocates of education and friends of the Aspen community. Without your help, these programs would not exist. Together we fund:


Literacy, math, intervention needs- AEF supports the individual needs of every child. AEF also provides for teacher training and professional training for our faculty.


The Aspen High School Post-Secondary Counseling Program is dedicated to helping students consider options and make decisions for their post-secondary life. AEF fully funds one full-time post-secondary counselor and one full-time coordinator, bringing the number of dedicated post-secondary professionals to three.


The Aspen High School IB Program is unique in that it offers every student the opportunity to participate. AEF funds the IB coordinator and teacher trainings to make this program possible.


At AEF, we realize that our primary programs can be successful only if our students are healthy – academically and emotionally. We are proud to add mental health to our list of priorities.


Outdoor and Experiential Education are hallmark programs of our public school system. Every child participates from first grade through twelfth. AEF funds scholarships, first responder and wilderness training and supplies.


Robotics is a hands-on, innovative and fun program designed to engage students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) while developing social/emotional skills involved with teamwork and collaboration.


Through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) classes, our students are building the important life skills of problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, leadership and resiliency.