At AEF, we realize that our primary programs can be successful only if our students are healthy – academically and emotionally. This is why we fund Mental Health Programs, Academic Support, and Educator Support.


Working closely with the district, AEF has committed to funding a second counselor in the Aspen Middle School. Currently, Aspen Middle School has only one counselor for 468 students while the recommended ratio is one counselor for 250 students.

In addition, AEF will support the work of Aspen Family Connections. We are proud to add mental health to our list of priorities.


In 2016, Pitkin County, Aspen School District and a number of local organizations and community members teamed up to create Aspen Family Connections, designed to serve as a one-stop family resource center. Aspen Family Connections provides families with information on academic or emotional support organizations, financial assistance, extracurricular activities or summer camps. In addition, we offer a number of popular workshops on parenting and education throughout the year.

“Aspen School District supports children of all learning differences and disabilities. While it is the law to help these students, most schools don’t have the funding to fully realize the amount of resources a child needs. At ASD, there is a phenomenal amount of support for kids who require help with social skills, emotional growth, as well as academic needs. My differently wired (and awesome!) son, Teddy, is celebrated, loved, and accepted every single day. His general ed teachers and special ed staff have devoted many hours to his continued success. ASD support team rivals  private school, should families seek an inclusive environment. I am deeply grateful beyond words. ”

Michelle Stiller, parent


The Aspen school district is committed to development of the whole child.  AEF offers support with social/emotional, academic, intervention and individual education plans for every student.  Specifically, AEF provides the funding for an intervention specialist in the middle school – as well math and literacy support at every grade level.

# of students enrolled in ASD
Kids that are given math and literacy support
Active projects

“The Aspen Education Foundation provides invaluable support to the Aspen Community School. For over ten years, funds from AEF have allowed us to hire additional highly trained support staff. As a result, more students are receiving direct reading, writing and math help. This instruction is essential for creating a strong academic culture at our school. Without AEF support, students at our school would not receive academic intervention from the right teachers at the right time. AEF has always been there for our school and we are very grateful.”

Jim Gilchrist, Principal, Aspen Community School


AEF supports the individual needs of every child. AEF also provides for teacher training and professional training for our faculty. Supporting our teachers, staff and educators is a key component of the AEF mission. We provide programs to support math and literacy, which have resulted in improved academic outcomes for students of diverse backgrounds. AEF also provides professional development for staff in critical areas of needs as well as summer programming.

Our schools can only be as strong as our educators!  AEF provides funding for professional development in critical areas of need.  Some initiatives include MTSS, literacy, numeracy, differentiating instruction and cognitive coaching.  In addition, Aspen High School is committed to sending staff to schools that are internationally and nationally recognized to learn best practices.  AEF is also committed to recognizing and supporting our teachers through recognition and support with housing.