In 2018 a group of high school students, with the help of AEF formed the AEF Ambassador Club. The Ambassadors are the best advocates for the programs that AEF funds. They engage with teachers and parents during back to school night in our elementary school by sharing their experiences with the programs we fund. It has a much greater impact for our parents to hear about robotic competitions, outdoor ed trips, the teachers they had, and more! It is a wonderful way to open the conversation of why we need to raise funds for our public schools. AEF Ambassadors volunteer not only in our Aspen School District but also in our community in a meaningful way, sharing their experiences and encouraging our kids to think outside of the box.


Maya Abraham
Alex Appleby
Storey Balko
Bronwyn Chesner
Kendall Clark
Wesley Ferrell
Kelly Francis
Garrett Greene
Jack Halferty
Thea Hecht
Janessa Hogeback
Macy Hopkinson
James Kelly
Kylie Kenny
Michaela Kenny
Emily Kinney

Kaelyn Kroeger
Evelyn Leibinger
Reese Leonard
Eva McDonough
Annika Nichols
Grace Romero
Caprice Seeman
Edie Sherlock
Stella Sherlock
Isla Smagala
Lydia Styslinger
Tilly Swanson
Ava Thornely
Mia Wells
Stef Wojcik