The Aspen High School College Counseling Program is dedicated to helping students consider options and achieve admission to the college of their choice. AEF fully funds a full-time college counselor and full-time assistant. Our Aspen High School seniors exemplify our schools at work.  Not so long ago, they were learning science from Mr. G, preparing for their 8th grade Outdoor Ed solos, and wide-eyed on the first day of high school.  Today, almost every one of them has taken full advantage of our college counseling department.

High school students applied to college
Students applied for financial aid
Hours worked by college counseling department
“AHS College Counseling is dedicated to providing excellent services for all students at Aspen High School. The generosity of AEF enables us to provide equity and distribution of services such that every student can discover and realize their potential and possibilities for the future. Through the support of AEF, the College Counseling Office has been able to provide a second College Counselor and Office Coordinator, as well as fund a College & Career Discovery class, all of which has transformed our office and elevated the access students have to college counseling and career planning.”
Melissa Lustig, Aspen High School College Counselor


Every single AHS student has access to a college counselor – who offers guidance on test taking, financial aid, essay writing and the complicated application process.


Most public high schools do not have a full-time college counselor and students are left to navigate the process on their own.


96% of our seniors are accepted to college. Proof that college counseling works. What is this worth to you?

Helping students reach their highest potential


Every October over 225 colleges and universities gather in Aspen to meet Colorado Western Slope students from more than 80 diverse high schools.