Founded in 1991, the Aspen Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 fundraising organization that partners closely with school administrators and the community to identify and fund in-school or beyond classroom programs across our five schools. Over the years, AEF has played a critical role in investing in the educational experiences that our community has come to appreciate and expect, including: Outdoor Education, Aeronautics, Performing Arts, International Baccalaureate, and College Counseling.

Board of Directors

Raifie Bass, Chairman
Kurt Hall, Vice Chairman
Diana Ettlinger, Member at Large
Cari Kuhlman, Treasurer
Maxwell Rispoli, Secretary
Bob Bowden
Marla Butler
Jeffrey Gorsuch
Craig Navias
Kurt Hall
Ken Ramberg
Mary Scanlan
Jeannie Seybold
Tony Sherman
Rich Simeone
Elizabeth Slossberg
Paul Sohn
Michelle Stiller
Alan Tralins
Katie Kissane Viola

Ex Officio

Diane Godfrey
John Maloy
Susan Marolt
Dwayne Romero


Cynthia Chase, Executive Director
Michelle Sherlock, Assistant Executive Director

Endowment and Capital Committee

Jeffrey Gorsuch, Chair
Paul Sohn, Chair
Raifie Bass
Bob Bowden
Diana Ettlinger
Kurt Hal,
Dr. Kathy Klug
Mary Scanlan
Ken Ramberg
Jeannie Seybold
Rich Simeone
Alan Tralins