Do you want your kids to think independently? Become culturally-aware? Learn a second language? Engage with people in an increasingly globalized, rapidly changing world? This is just what the International Baccalaureate (IB) program cultivates at Aspen High School (AHS). Aspen School District has offered the IB Diploma for grades 11 and 12 since 2001. Since then, AHS and AMS have become fully IB programs and the District is a candidate for the Primary Years Program in grades prek through 5 as well. The result will be a completely aligned prek through 12 IB curriculum that ensures a continuum of programs, education philosophy, and a consistent approach to learning across all grades. We are thrilled to fund the IB coordinator and training for the District.

Students who take an IB class
AHS students who pursue the IB diploma
Average # of words on an IB student’s extended essay
“IB is a powerful experience to all students involved. A student’s exposure to rigorous courses that promote time management, prioritization, balance, problem solving and perseverance sets them up for the intensity of their freshman year of college and life beyond.”
Tameira Wilson, parent, IB Program Coordinator at Aspen High School
“The IB program enhanced every aspect of my high school experience. The classes were engaging, challenging and pursuing the IB diploma created a connection with my classmates. I learned to think outside of the parameters of a specific class – and instead how every class is connected. I definitely feel prepared for college.”
Sophia Chase, Aspen High School student


With an increasing number of students taking IB classes, there is a cost associated with every exam.  Aspen High School is committed to never letting the program cost be a deterrent to a student taking a class.  AEF helps to fund exam costs for students who qualify.