VISIONARY – Lifetime giving $100,000 and above

James Aresty
Aspen Community Foundation
Mary and Adam Cherry
Fullerton Educational Foundation
The Susan Gurrentz Fund for the Arts
The Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation
Suzanne Bober and Steve Kahn
The Lichtenwalter Family
Catherine Maas
Beth and Josh Mondry
Lexie and Robert Potamkin
The Salmon Foundation
Mary and Patrick Scanlan
Jeannie and John Seybold
Katya and Zach Sternberg
Jennifer and Mark Styslinger

BENEFACTOR – $50,000 and above

Nikola and Daniel Burrell
Marla and Lawerence Butler
Christine Desanzo
The Hall Family
Meg & Armand Margjeka
Wendy and Todd Mitchell
Michelle and Ken Stiller
Juliet Shield-Taylor
Simeone Family
Sarah and Paul Sohn
Elizabeth and Marshall Williams

FOUNDER  – $25,000 and above

Gisela and Daniel Ades
Alana and Blake Appleby
Erin and Douglas Becker
Bob Bowden
Anna and Matt Freedman
Shira and Joe Lipsey III
Andrea and Robert Marriott
Esther and Craig Navias
Jo and Tray Siegfried

PARTNER – $10,000 and above

Alpine Bank
Aspen Skiing Company
Aspen Snowmass Sothebys International Realty
Anna and Lance Armstrong
Beller Moses Family Foundation
Cathy and Marc Bern
Allison and Randall Bone
CP Restaurant Group
Dianna Duffey and Vince Lahey
Tracy and Bubba Eggleston
EKS Events
Esrick Dream Foundation
The Glickman Family Fund
Robert J Glickman
Michelle and Jared Goldberg
Jeff Grinspoon and Jon Foley
Lisa and Mike Haisfield
Jamie and Bush Helzberg
Soledad and Bob Hurst
Chonnie and Paul Jacobson
Laura and Mike Kaplan
Local Spirits
Brandy and Richard McAniff
Pippa and Daniel McHugh
Jennifer and Don Meij
Mariah and Craig Morris
Saul and Eleanor Lernor Foundation
Kimberly and Brad Schlosser
Deborah Tomlinson
Vectra Bank
Peter Westemeyer
Woody Creek Distillers

LEADER – $5,000 and above

Tami and Scott Akin
Shannon and Glenn Andrews
Gina and Gavin Beekman
Jess and Todd Bennett
Sherri and Jason Brumm
Chelsea and James Brundige
Catto Charitable Foundation
Clark’s Market
Heather and Todd duBoef
Hendrickson Construction
Amanda and Justin Leonard
Karen and Kelly Locke
Meridian Jewelers
Melanie Muss and Tracy Nichols
Catherine and Brett Nicholas
Paula and Jonathan Nickell
Stephanie and Diarmuid O’Connell
Obermeyer Wood Investment Counsel, LLLP
Bari and Ken Ramberg
Clare Evert and Steven Shane
Elizabeth Slossberg
Tami Solondz
Lynda and William Steere
Michelle and Kenneth Stiller
Billy Stolz
The Aspen Institute
The Romero Group
Katie and Steve Waldeck
Carrie and Joe Wells

PATRON – $1,500 and above

ANB Bank
Michele and Raifie Bass
The Beaufort Foundation, Inc.
Caribou Club
Katie Kiernan and Judd Clarence
Kristin Dittmar Design
Ashley and Andrew Ernemann
Firman Fund
First Bank
Christine Gieszl
Molly and Will Gilmore
Harmony Fund
Dr. Jack B.Hilty DDS
Johnanna Hoeffner
Dale Hower
Michelle and Ross Jacobs
Dr. Casey Johnson DDS
Jacqueline Kaplan
Kirsten and Penn Newhard
Paula and Jonathan Nickell
Ali and David Phillips
Jean Powell
Natasha and Douglas Riboud
Cati and Curt Sanders
SH Built Construction
Rachel and Tony Sherman
Betsy Shiverick
Brandi Solberg
Billy Stolz
The Leonard G. Klima Foundation Fund

STEWARD – $500  and above

Aspen Hatter
Aspen Show Group – RARE
Sonya Auvay
Lisa and George Baker
Charity Beck-Ghali
Kiffor Berg
Bessie Minor Swift Foundation
Daryl and John Blatz
Mark Brendon Smith
Robin Buchalter
Sarah Burggraf
Jeffie Butler
Kellie and William Carlson
Bob Chase
Leslie and Kenneth Citron
Heather and Daryl Cramer
Cathy and Thomas Crum
Chris Davenport
Michelle Dioguardi
Jeanne and Andrew Doremus
Wendy Dransfield
Minnie Dublier
Michelle and Preston Fox
Elliott Yeary Gallery
Juliette and Steven Ferrell
Mrs. Fields
Michael Flory
Ginna and Timothy Francis
Katy and Adam Frisch
Katherine and Shawn Gleason
Andrea and James Gordon
Brenda and James Grusecki
Donna & John Halverson
Steve Halverson
Karen Hartman
David Hathaway
Maureen Kinney and Scott Hicks
Lesley and Alex Hill
Sacha and Kirk Hinderberger
Sue and Ron Hopkinson
Laren Jansen
Annette Keller
Jonathan Kelly
Susan Kern
Kemo Sabe
Heather and John Kenny
Sue O’Bryan
Missy and Chris Klug
Julie and Christian Knapp
Cari and Jeff Kuhlman
Aaron King Yoga Snowmass
Land Design 39
Leshem Loft
Liz Long
Donn Lux
Bill Madsen
Susan and Roger Marolt
Katie Marsh
Katherine Sand and Scott Martin
Elizabeth Meador
Susan Plummer
Pitkin County Dry Goods
Gabrielle and Bob Rafelson
Maxwell Rispoli
Lina Rizzuto
Randee and Bobby Ruiz
Eileen Seeley and Sterling Seamans
Shawn and Richard Simeone
The Snowmass Club
Alan Tralins
Laura Umansky
Ellen Valentine
The William F O’Connor Foundation
Natasha and Peter Thomas
Donna Weiss
Woods Fine Jewelry
ZG Chicks

FRIEND – $100 and above

Jamie Abbott
Kim and Paddy Allen
Lori Anderson
Aspen Art Museum
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies
Aspen Golf Club
Aspen Pro Cycling
Aspen Reprographic
Aspen Vida Medi Spa
Bad Harriet
Barton Perreira
Nancy Baumann
Sarah Beesley
Big Beard Creative
Nicole Birkhold
Ariel Bejarano
Joanna and Robbie Bennett
Sarah Benson
Gretchen Bleiler
Kelley Brenninger
Kimbo Brown-Schirato
Tori and Mark Campisi
Cathy Miller Images
Chris Peshek Physical Therapy
Ashley Chod
Dawn Christjaener
Kara Clark
Christy Clettenberg
Gretchen Cole
Ashley and Mike Connolly
Amy Coyle
Charles Cunniffe
Beth Cashdan
Stan Cheo
Amy Coyle
Meg Dangler
Paulette and Dan Dangler
Elizabeth Dimento
Bente Doolan
Jennifer Dolecki-Smith
David Dowler
Lyssa Duncan
Jenny Dupree
Daniel Elkan
Kay Erickson
Diana and Jared Ettlinger
Andi and Bob Ferguson
Paulette Fink
Pam and John Fisher
Michael Flory
Valerie Forbes
Katie Fox
Lady Fuller
Aaron Garland
Diane Gavin
Kara and Adam Gilbert
Kiki Glah
Barbara Glass
Amy Gray
Charlene and Daniel Guggenheim
Julie Hall
Donna and John Halverson
Ruth Owens Hanrahan
Caroline and Peter Hanson
Madeleine and Alex Hasulak
David Hathaway
Lyndsey Haynie
Thomas Heald
Jody and Andy Hecht
Heidi and Keith Hemstreet
Trisch Hirsch
Ryan Hoffner
Elizabeth Howie
Michaela Idhammar
Abe Issa
Jodi Jacobson
Margeaux and Per Johansson
Mark Joseph
Kristan Kaplinski
Katherine Kaufmann
Marc Kiernan
Claudia Kirby
Kaleigh Kirkpatrick
Todd Klindworth
Kathy and Warren Klug
Eileen and Jeffrey Knapp
Kimberly Knoll
Bonnie and Joe Kowar
Heather and Rocky Kroeger
Patricia and Paul Kurkulis
Rachel Lampe
Charles Laube
Lawerence J. Slater Family Fund
John L. Lee
Rachel Levy
Elizabeth Lewis
Jennifer Liddington
Andrew Lodge
Sara Mercanti Lowe
Catherine Lutz
Melissa Marcus
Nancy Marsh
Sunni and Johno McBride
Joyce Meredith
John Mitchell
Annita Moose
Susanne and Richard Morrison
Johanna Mueller
William Mueller
Ryan Munder
Mark Munger
Lauren Nitti
Blanca and Cavanaugh O’Leary
Olitsky Family Foundation
Sara Ott
Valerie and Michael Pearce
Sandra and Fred Peirce
Rebecca Oliver
Osvaldo Perez
Pine Creek Cookhouse
Elizabeth Plotke
Sara and Stefan Reveal
Tana Rinaldi
Shawn Rios
Sarah and Harrison Sachs
Suzanne Scheer
Jay Schultz
Elizabeth and Richard Schwartz
Robyn Scott
Ginette Sebenaler
May and Troy Selby
Sherry Achi
Minette and Dave Stapleton
Victoria Stevenson
Karrin Stoll
Jennifer Swanson
Anne Uhlfelder
Holly Upper
Natalie Voss
Peter Waanders
Jenna Walter
Rebecca and Craig Ward
Sarah Ward
Michael Wessler
Jeffrey White
Vivian and Gareth Williams
Heather Willis
Mia and Steve Wilson
Rachel and Josh Wolman
Ginny and Pete Yang

COVID-19 – Relief Fund

Phyllis Adatto
Tracy Anderson
Aspen Community Foundation
Rose Ava
Shael Berni
Glen Bucksbaum
Cache Cache
Beth Casdan
City of Aspen Employees
Clark’s Market
Timothy Costello
Tracy Dickerman
EKS events
European Caterers
Laura Calk
Fidelity Charitable
Cynthia Chase
Ginna Francis
Robin and John Galambos
Christy Garfield
Michelle and Jared Goldberg
Gwen’s High Alpine
Brigid and Brian Hazen
Philip Kalfas
Katherine Kendrick
Katie Kissane
Meredith Larsen Raarup
Virginia Leffler
The Leonard Family
Christopher and Debra Lewis
Lisa and Jim Lillie
Meredith Long
Lululemon Aspen
Richard Marolt
Melanie Muss
Gail H Nichols
Jane S Nims
Blanca O’Leary
Ruth Owens
Buzz Patten
Esther Pearlstone
Wendy Perkins
Sandra Peirce
Margaret and Dwyane Romero
Daniel Ryerson
Seth Sachson – Aspen Animal Shelter
Mary and Patrick Scanlan
Kimberly and Brad Schlosser
Bonnie Shappell
Michelle and Thomas Sherlock
Anderson Elizabeth and Max Sherman
Adriane and Bob Sirkus
Lawrence Slater
Emily Smith
Tami Solondz
Lorraine Spector
Lynda and William Steere
Alexandra Tarika
Roberta Teliska
Donna and Tom Ward
Stacey Weiss
Amy Westervelt
Jeff White
Lara and Marc Whitley