PRINCIPAL – Lifetime giving $250,000 and above

James Aresty
Mary and Adam Cherry
Melony and Adam Lewis
The Lichtenwalter Family
John Mahedy
Lexie and Robert Potamkin
Mary and Patrick Scanlan
Jeannie and John Seybold
Jennifer and Mark Styslinger

VISIONARY – Lifetime giving $100,000 and above

Debra and Reza Abbaszadeh
Alpine Bank
Aspen Community Foundation
Bob Bowden
Nikola and Dan Burrell
Marla and Lawrence Butler
Julie and Randall Brodsky
Sabrina and Stephane De Baets
Dianna Duffey and Vince Lahey
Fullerton Educational Foundation
The Susan Gurrentz Fund for the Arts
The Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation
Suzanne Bober and Steve Kahn
Catherine Maas
Beth and Josh Mondry
Esther and Craig Navias
Elizabeth Plotke and Kurt Hall
The Salmon Foundation
Sarah and Paul Sohn
Katya and Zach Sternberg
Michelle and Ken Stiller
Stephanie and Dan Zilberman

BENEFACTOR – $50,000 and above

Christine Desanzo
Tracy and Bubba Eggleston
Anna and Matt Freedman
Jason and Kristen Kellman
Scott L. Kellman
Andrea and Robert Marriott
Jennifer and David Millstone
Wendy and Todd Mitchell
Vanessa Obregon and Edgar Farah
Simeone Family
Nicole and Jason VandeBoom
Elizabeth and Marshall Williams

FOUNDER  – $25,000 and above

Daniel Abrutyn
Allison and Randall Bone
Anna and Matt Freedman
Elizabeth Gilmore
Molly and William Gilmore
Lewis + Zitelli Advised Fund
Meg and Armand Margjeka
Matt Niemann
Karl Peterson
Kristin Ramello and Justin Haynes
Jo and Tray Siegfried
Misty and Tyson Weihs

PARTNER – $10,000 and above

Alana and Blake Appleby
Cori and Seth Berger
Marc and Cathy Bern
Alison Bly and Drew Milstein
Glenn Bucksbaum
Carla Buffulin and Giuliano Infantozzi
Thomas Clark
Kate and Ryan Craft
Ame Damaso
Kristin DeClark
Bruce Etkin
EKS Events
Eliza Flug
Lisa and Michael Haisfield
Stefanie and Joey Hartman
Bram and Lara Hechtkopf
Abe Issa
Chonnie and Paul Jacobson
Shana and Clint Johnstone
Warren Lichtenstein
Local Spirits
Karen and Kelly Locke
Brandy and Richard McAniff
Pippa and Dan McHugh
Daniel and Cheyenne Neukomm
Obermeyer Wood Investment Council
Kimberly and Brad Schlosser
Jay Shiland and Elizabeth Maringer
Hillary Simon
Jen and Mike Tullar
Laura Umansky
Amy and Jeff Verschsleiser
Woody Creek Distillers

LEADER – $5,000 and above

The Aspen Skiing Company
Alicia and Daniel Adams
Shannon Andrews
Sonya and Guillaume Auvray
Michelle and Raifie Bass
Cathy and Marc Bern
Elizabeth and Stewart Bohart
SH Built
Justin Clarence
Megan and Thomas Clark
Clark’s Market
Fernando Correa and Catalina Machado
CP Restaurant Group
Craig and Samantha Cordts-Pearce
Sarah and Chris Daniels
Elizabeth and John Dowd
Darin and John Eydenberg
Fish Family Fund
Ryan Freedman
Jeff Greenspoon and Jon Foley
Hayman Family Fund
Justin Haynes
Felicity Huffman and Bill Macy
Soledad and Bob Hurst
Jet It
Elizabeth and Kevin Keating
Lisa and Neal Kissel
Missy and Chris Klug
Amanda and Justin Leonard
Liza and Jon Mauck
Kiki and Sam McBride
Melanie Muss and Tracy Nichols
Stephanie and Diarmuid O’Connell
The Romero Group
Randee and Bobby Ruiz
Michelle and Tom Sherlock
Jamay and David Shook
Tami Solondz
Victoria and Adam Stevenson
Billy Stolz
Ellie and Adam Sztykiel
Katie and Steve Waldeck
Ashley Wein
Judy and Mike Wood
Kelly Doherty and Michael Woodrow

PATRON – $2,500 and above

Aspen Snowmass Sotheby’s International Realty
Pamela Bastidas and James Bolger
The Beaufort Foundation, Inc
Sarah and Will Burggraf
Jeffie Butler
Bob Chase
Katie and Judd Clarence
Richard Collins
Kaitrin Cooper
Cathy and Thomas Crum
Justin Douglas
Firman Fund
John Gavin
Lyndsey and Eric Haynie
Chris and Wendy Hendrickson
Jack Hilty
Jackie Kaplan and Chad Clark
Kiryle Foundation
Jenny and Yaron Leshem
Christine and Andrew Light
Karina and Chris Marconi
Meridian Jewelers of Aspen
Mid-Shore Community Foundation
David Mitchell
Chad and Ilona Oppenheim
Blair Palmer and Seth Owen
Lori and Tomas Pevny
Robin and Kenny Smith
Brandi and Wit Solberg
Luke and Victoria Tuddenham
Carrie and Joe Wells

STEWARD – $1000  and above

Aspen Community Foundation
Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore
Shannon and Glen Andrews
Gavin Beekman in honor of Melanie Muss
Joanna and Robbie Bennett
Jen and James Benvenuto
Hannah Berman
Anne Boenning
Christine and Rick Case
David Chazen
Ashley Connolly
Heather and Daryl Cramer
Maya Crothers
Kam and Michael Davies
Kristin Dittmar and Ryan Doremus
Melanie Doskocil
Jessica and Barry Dubin
Michelle Fox
Katy and Adam Frisch
Lacy and Ernie Fyrwald
Christine Gieszl
Frances Ginsburg and Robert Olson
David Glickman
Michelle and Jared Goldberg
Andrea and James Gordon
Ashley and Jon Grzyb
Donna and John Halverson
Hansen Construction
Jenny and Bo Hartsfield
Katherine and Robert Holton
Laura Johnson
Anne and David Johnston
Holly and Ryan Kalamaya
Annette Keller
Katherine Kendrick in honor of Elizabeth Plotke and Kurt Hall
Scott Kendrick
Katie Kissane and Paul Viola
Tracy Snow and Mark Kleckner
Allison and Eric Mangelsen
Susan and Roger Marolt
Hugh and Katie Marsh
Joo Park and Randy Metz
Jena Schmidt
Kristen and Chad Schmit
Ben Silverman
Kalli and Travis Sinclair
Alycia Steinberg
Ben and Natalie Taber
Samantha and Mark Terkun
Alan Tralins
Gina and Andrew Turchin
Mark and Carlie Umbarger
Karin Wehse

FRIEND – up to $1000

Vanessa Adam
BJ Adams
Lori Anderson*
Aspen Learning Center
Kristin Balko
Denali Barron
Margo Baxter
Erin and Doug Becker
Evelyn Becker
Sarah Benson*
Ariel Bejarano*
Summer Berg
Dana Berro*
Ann Boenning
Marilyn Bouldin
Adrian Bradley
Clark Briner
Lexi Brumder
Meghan Buck
Terri and Tony Caine
Laura Calk
Tori and Mark Campisi
Michele and Jim Cardamone
Megan Dangler
Barbie Daniels
Isa Catto and Daniel Shaw
Leslie and Ken Citron
Colorado Gives Community First Foundation
Ashley Cole
Gretchen Cole and Craig Corona
Jenny Connery and Matthew Smith
Megan Dangler*
Margaret Noel Daugherty
Karen and Mark Devlin
Lindsey Domek
Bente Doolan*
Carrie and Jake Down
Lyssa Duncan*
Elizabeth Esteve
Diana and Jared Ettlinger
Emily and Teddy Farrell
Paulette and Josh Fink
John Fisher*
Katie Barabe Fox*
Isabelle and Scott Friedheim
MK and Ted Gardenswartz
Daryl and Henry Gelender
Amy Gensch*
Liv Glasgow
Allison Goldberg
Dan Goldman
Amy Gray*
David Greene
Cathy Greuter
Rachel Giora Hahn
Ashley Hansen
Bunny and John Harrison
Michael Hayes
Heidi and Keith Hemstreet
Sasha Hinderberg
Lesley and Alex Hill
Jennifer and Matt Jones
Carrie Jordan
Kris Kaplinski*
Gerald Katell
Katherine Kaufman
In Memory of Edward Karner
Arden Kaywin
Elizabeth and Kevin Keating
Alex Kendrick
Anna and Rob Klavins
Suanne and Ryan Koster
Kathy Kroger and Ray McNutt
Kroger Market
Rachel Lampe*
Jennifer Liddington*
Lindsay Lofaro
Andrew Lodge
Adam Malone
Gloria and James Marcus
Gwen Levy and Paul Margovic
Tara Marolda
Helen McPherson
Joyce Meredith
Abraao Miller
America Miller
Araci Miller
Belinda Miller
Brigida Miller
Caitlin Miller
Cathy Miller
Eleanor Miller
Evie Miller
Lara Miller
Martha Miller
Sophia Miller
Dr. Mari Mitrani
Johanna Mueller
Tara and Nathan Nelson
Gail Nichols
Lauren Nitti
Rebecca Oliver
Natalia and Doug Peate
Ali and David Phillips
Tiffany Phipps
Lisa and Michael Puder
Rockett Design
Gabrielle and Bob Rafelson
Sara Ransford
Natasha and Doug Riboud
Kiki and Max Rispoli
Lina Rizzuto
Julia and Michael Rolnick
Jennifer Ryan
Mary and Loren Ryerson
Cati and Curt Sanders
Katherine Sand and Scott Martin
Shereen and Jordan Sarick
Stacey and Eric Schmela
Kirsten Schmit
Kim and Bill Seguin
Abdemis Shinyder
Beth Shinyder
Blanca Shinyder
Layla Shinydere
Natalia Shvacko
Kalli Sinclair
Colter Smith
Courtney and Chris Souki
Stephanie Stach and Bill White
Minette and Dave Stapleton
Alycia Steinberg
Megan Steven
Rebecca Stirling
Karrin Stoll
Wendi Sturgis
Suite Reyad Aspen
Brooks and Diane Tanner
Juanita Tate
Barbara Tobey
Victoria J Tobia
Danny Tran
Rebecca Uhlfelder
Brijetta and Parker Waller
John Ward
Ashley Wein
Stacey and Cliff Weiss
Jeffrey White
Jane Whitmore
Juliet and John Wilcox
Vivian Williams
Mia and Steve Wilson
Laci Wright
Val and Fletcher Yaw
Zander Yeiser
Susan and Millard Zimet

* Recurring gift