Clark’s Snowmass Selects Aspen Education Foundation as Non-Profit Partner for “Non-Profit Mondays”

Aspen Education Foundation is all about our local partnerships! Our friends at Clark's Snowmass selected AEF to be the beneficiary of "Non-Profit Mondays" this fall. For any customer who left their shopping receipts in the giving box at the cash registers instead of throwing them away, Clark's Snowmass donated 5% of the receipt amount to [...]


Aspen Education Foundation announces Aspen Crunch business has been donated to AEF and will be auctioned off at the Flamingo

The Aspen Education Foundation (AEF) announces that Jack Paley, an Aspen High School Class of 2013 graduate, has donated his business, Aspen Crunch, to the organization. AEF intends to auction the business for sale at its annual fundraising event, the Flamingo, on December 9, 2023, to benefit Aspen public schools.  Jack Paley launched Aspen Crunch [...]


Free Voluntary Covid-19 Testing for Aspen School District Students and Staff

Jeannie Seybold, Bari Ramberg & Katy Frisch were helping at our new Covid-19 testing site this morning when Travis Moore took a small break from teaching to be tested. The test only takes a few minutes with results expected by Thursday.  The Aspen School District will have free testing available through the rest of 2020. [...]

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