We are so proud of our AHS seniors who have demonstrated resilience, tolerance, and acceptance during these last few months. The spring of their senior year was not what they had looked forward to since they started their freshman year four years ago. However, the class quickly adapted and made the best of the circumstances. Final exams, projects, college visits, and traditions were all done bravely and virtually.

Our unique Outdoor Ed program is designed to teach our Aspen students teamwork, perseverance and how to adapt to changing conditions (among other skills!). As parents, we all wondered where this would best be applied. This spring was the perfect example.

The class of 2020 graduated at Buttermilk mountain – in a drive-by, and ski lift ceremony. In some ways, a wonderful homage to the mountains and environment that surrounded their high school years. This is a graduation that no one will forget. Please watch this video where Jimmy Buffett & Tharyn Mulberry exemplify our “School on the Mountain”.

Congratulations to this wonderful class of 2020!

Please visit our AEF page to see where this fabulous class will be in the fall.