Aspen Education Foundation (AEF) recognizes that we are in uncharted territory. Most of us don’t know what to do with the quarantine – what to do with our students home from school – and have so many unanswered questions. This is new for all of us, and we don’t know where to turn.

In an effort to help our school community, AEF has decided to create a COVID-19 content series. Our series will be shared on our website, Facebook, and Instagram – and will give you current school information, as well as ideas and resources. We are in communication with our school district, college counseling, parents, our AEF ambassadors, and Aspen Family Connections to get you the information you may be seeking.

We will post up-to-date information on school closings and school resources. We have an AEF board member who is an at-large member of the Pitkin County Board of Health – helping us answer important questions. Does 6 feet away apply if we are outside and think the other person is healthy? (Yes, it does).

We know that the youth in our valley are doing some amazing things outside of school. We want to share them with you. Some are creating educational (and fun!) content on channels like tik tok – others are writing music, volunteering for Aspen Family Connections, and more. We’ll be leaning on our fabulous AEF Ambassadors to find the best of the best.

We hope our content series will give you a place to turn – for answers, inspiration, and a sense of community. Stay tuned!