As you may have heard, our annual Flamingo fundraiser was the most successful in our event’s history. The restaurant setting was festive, fun and delicious. Tartan and tinsel filled the rooms and technical difficulties could not stop our success!

Our parent and local community are truly incredible. Never have we seen the enthusiasm and generosity that we did this year. It was simply remarkable.

This is a testament to our principals, teachers and district office. It is a show of faith to our school board and a vote to support and improve our public schools. This is our local community coming together for our children – because our kids can’t impact their education, but we can.

The Aspen Education Foundation is committed to improving the school day for every student in our Aspen public schools. Our success enables us to support our annual core programs, as well as the IB implementation throughout the district (K-12). And, it allows us the opportunity to ask “What more can we do?”

We are making great strides. This is the way to improve our schools and we couldn’t do it without every one of you.

Thank you!